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stormy skies

Our ponies on the pastures have seen quite a few heavy storms over the years.

But dark skies sure make for some dramatic photos.

Whoops, hi there. No, you can’t eat my camera. Go back to your grass and pose.

Good boy.
On a side not, I rode my pony without saddle or bridle or halter or anything last week. It was only a couple of minutes and I don’t have photos of it but it was the most exhilarating feeling. We had just finished a really good 30 minutes of working, already bareback, or I wouldn’t even have tried. He remained just as attentive and responsive with the bridle off.
I don’t think someone who has never rode a horse can understand this, but this riding together with all that equipment stripped away is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Because all that remains then is trust, on both sides, and the willingness to listen to each other and work together.
I’m still smiling.


out on the pastures

Because I still haven’t gotten around to photographing all the sewing that is going on here and because I won’t have time to blog in the next few days, here’s a random collection of shots from my pony for you all.

These were taken when our pastures were still beautiful and lush and filled with flowers.

Since then we’ve had some wet and rainy days and they’re all turned to mud.

Have a good start to the week!

holga color love

The first color shots out of my Holga are finally done and scanned and I am in love (again). Unfortunately medium format color film is pretty pricey but I will have to splurge on it once in a while I think.
These were all taken at the last rodeo at the barn:

Aching feet after a day’s riding:

Yummy candy for sale:

The oppressive heat we’ve been having has been hard on the horseys as well, with little shade and lots of flies on their pastures:

And, to save the best for last (something I always find very hard to do…anyone seen the movie ‘Remember Me’? I have my dessert first too):

and just forget the world

Sometimes you just need a little alone-time.

That little pony there? I’m lucky enough to have been riding him for 3 years. That pasture? Not where he’s supposed to be.
But the flies are a pain and in the big herd there’s a lot going on, with friendships to be forged and water to be fought over and he’s not a big socializer. So he frequently wanders off by himself, through the fence to greener pastures where he has lots of alone time, just the fat green grass and himself. Sometimes he’ll lie down and sleep with no other horse to be seen (someone has yet to explain to him that horses are herd animals).
He’s a weird little pony and that’s why I love him to bits.

happy horses

It’s officially spring…it’s warm and green and flowery and the horses get to leave their winter paddocks behind for the wide pastures.
Spring means freedom

and food…lots of lush green grass waiting to be eaten

and relaxing

But it also means grudgingly coming back in after a while, so they get used to the grass slowly.

Soon they’ll be outside day and night though, one big herd of about 40 geldings, another with a couple of mares, a gang of oldies and youngsters, and one sole stallion.

horse shots

Since I’ve nothing new to show, something summery from the depths of my notebook.

For those wanting to know, we’re coping ok I think…my dad’s home for now but the next hospital stay is scheduled for the middle of february. I’m slowly becoming proficient in medical language. Also I’m thinking of moving work (thesis writing) over to his place for the time being. Too bad I can’t take the cats too, I badly need regular cuddle breaks for concentration as well as general well-being.