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documenting handmade

One of the things I love about having an Etsy shop is connecting with other artists and makers. The sense of community at Etsy is wonderful!
Having an online shop and working away for it at home can be a bit isolated and I find some of the teams incredibly helpful.
Up to now I’ve only been part in online teams and respective Facebook pages, but recently a team has formed in my hometown. It’s so nice to be able to meet in person and connect to people who know the unique challenges of selling in Germany.
Last december I had a photoshoot with two of the team members in a lovely studio space.

Manja from kandatsu sells beautiful handmade baby clothing. See her full photoshoot *here*.
documenting handmade
Christiane from Nanoe’s Welt makes personalized stationary and candle covers. See her full photoshoot *here*.
documenting handmade

I buy handmade whenever possible and documenting the process of things made by hand has been a real joy. Seeing and capturing all the little steps until a product is complete has really made me realize their value once again.


photoshoot | jessica

I posted the photoshoot with my friend Dana, but the same day I also took photos with another friend at the barn. Jessica has the most gorgeous red hair and I had to photograph her (I don’t normally go around asking people if I can take their picture).

I almost like the black and white shots best though. This is again all available light, shot at the barn in one of the stalls.

We had bad luck with the weather (stuffy, dark and humid but not rainy enough to actually take some cool rain shots), but we found one green spot with nice light eventually.

I had so much fun, we’ll be doing this again soon and hope for sunshine next time!

the greatest luxury | cowboy shoot dana

The weekend turned out just as I had hoped: we relaxed a bit, did some balcony gardening, I sewed a bit and then of course the photoshoots! There ended up being two of them and I just got finished processing the photos from the first one: My friend Dana works at a company that has an employee magazine. Recently they had a contest, asking employees what the greatest luxury is for them. Dana’s answer of course was: “A perfect day spent with my pony” and now they wanted a picture to accompany the quote.

Another friend did some make-up for us and we just shot away, seeing if we could capture the image she had in mind.

We have the most gorgeous light in the stalls!

For me, this is perfect, but I’m curious which one Dana will pick:

She really has sparkly eyes like that, no photoshop on the eyes here!

I hope we captured your perfect day Dana!