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bits and pieces

The hours are running away from me again this week.

I went treasure hunting (a.k.a. thrift store shopping) again yesterday and came home with the car full for about 15€ all in all! I’ll try to be faster in posting my pretty finds this time.

Murphy deciding he likes the soft flannel that came in the mail earlier in the week. I was really lucky to snag one of Jenny’s patterns a few weeks ago, it was sold out in minutes. So far I bought fabric for it and traced the pattern onto vellum paper and hopefully next weekend I will finally get to cutting and sewing and actually taking photos of it all.

Snapped at the barn on wednesday evening. Wednesdays are my hardest days of the week and I usually get to the barn tired, in the dark and the cold. But then, riding my funny little pony (not the one in the picture, that’s his stall mate) and sweeping the floors and filling water buckets I realize how much I need this quiet evening. It’s a special sort of downtime for me in the middle of my fast-paced week. I will always believe that people without animals to care for are missing out big time. It gives so much more than it takes.


friday evening

Getting ready for the weekend. I can never get enough of these photos, or these moments for that matter.

Sorry, I’ll try to take some other nice shots today to bring a bit of variety in here 🙂 Right now it’s still dark outside and raining like mad.
I have a million plans for the weekend, as always. I never manage to get it all done and every weekend I have to deliberately stop myself from thinking in that “to-do list” way. I like having plans and making lists but they also make me feel pressured in a “it’s on the list, it has to be done” kind of way. I need to remind myself time and again that I am the one making the lists and that the things on it should be fun, not an obligation (things like building a lightbox for starting seeds and cleaning, but also things like finishing a knitting project, sewing something, baking cookies etc.).
I am learning to get as much done as I really feel like doing and saving other ideas for another day, or another weekend really. The stitching on my new quilt is about a third done. It would only take a couple of hours to finish it, but I haven’t touched it in weeks and that’s fine. I know I’ll get back to it when I really feel like stitching.
Bottom line from all this rambling: It’s not about how much we get done, but instead about how much we enjoy the process of doing the things we get done instead of just crossing them off a list.
I’m still learning.

And I should stop trying to put my thoughts into words. Even I have troubling reading what I’ve just written, though I know what I mean in my head 🙂