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But at least no more snow and ice.

Truth is, I don’t really mind bad weather all too much. Sure, a heavy rain on a cold day is never nice, but foggy with a soft drizzle is still beautiful to me. I actually stopped three times on my way to the barn this weekend to take pictures.

With a fulltime office job in winter I only really get outside on sundays and I relish every minute of being out in the light (however dull the day) and the fresh air.
And the funny thing is, that the duller the day the brighter the little flecks of color still left everywhere appear to be. We went out riding in the woods and there was all shades of brown and bright mossy green and I regretted not taking my camera.

You see so much when you start looking.


project 52

Some of you may remember I started a Project 365 last spring. I loved doing it but as life and work got in the way, I didn’t always get my photo a day.
Still, the idea of documenting the beauty of day to day life has really grabbed me. One of the most inspiring blogs I read in 2010 has been habit and I have been trying to think of a way to incorporate that spirit into my own photography.

So I decided to do a Project52 this year, a photo for each week of the year. About a thousand other bloggers seem to have had that same thought (I’m a bit crushed here I’ll admit, I thought I was so clever thinking it up). A photo a week is definitely doable and I will try to write up my own little quote for each, capturing the particular feel of each ordinary yet special moment. I’ve joined this group on flickr and I’ll see if I can stick by my resolution better this year.

I have a good feeling about this.