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more holga photos

Everyone I show the Holga to looks at it curiously, picks it up (it weighs nothing) and then either laughs out loud or gives me the “Really? WTF?” look.
And they’re right, of course. But oh, aren’t they so wrong too! Because what could possibly be laughable or wrong about a camera that produces this:

and this:

and this:

The Holga is small and lightweight and quirky and it will be the one camera that will always fit in my bag, no matter where I go (I have been known to squeeze up to 3 cameras in a handbag, so that will definitely be an improvement). It makes me look and think and see differently than any other camera I have had. Laugh at that if you will. I’ll be too busy taking pictures and remembering to take the lens cap off and adjusting the vague focus points and advancing the film click by click per hand to notice 😉

By the way, I have now got a scanner for the negatives and I can highly recommend going that route of self-developing and self-scanning. It is more time consuming but definitely a lot less expensive and yields a much better result than letting a lab process and scan/print the images. Just saying this because I was hesitant of buying a scanner, but I am very happy now that I did!


zoo pictures part 1

Yesterday we went to the zoo with some friends. It was absolutely packed (Easter holidays have already started) and the zoo even offered a 20% discount because of the long waiting line. I took along both my usual Canon 450D with my dad’s 70-200mm 2.8 lens (a monster of a lens) and my new Olympus Om-2N with a Zuiko 180mm 2.8 lens…I will eventually post pictures my friend took of tiny little me, being nearly dragged to the ground by the two huge cameras around my neck 😉

I am posting a first batch of digital photos now but I am actually a lot more excited to see the film photos when they’re developed. The Zuiko 180mm turned out to be the most amazing lens I’ve ever shot with! I actually had to text my dad to tell him and he texted back: ‘told you it was a great lens. have fun.’ And oh I did…I was discovering my love for photography all over again!

That zoo is brand new and spacious and tries to reconstruct the natural habitat of its animals.

I really need to get a scanner if I am shooting more film in the future…the wait for the photos to get developed alone is killing me and then I can’t even share them with you because I have to go visit someone with a scanner first!