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scout woven tee

Apparently once you start sewing clothing again you can’t stop…my next project was the Scout Woven Tee by Grainline Studio.

A nice, basic tee that sewed up pretty quickly.
I finally managed to clean my second sewing machine, a 1965 full-metal Singer, so now I can use this for its zigzag seam to finish raw edges. I still do french seams wherever possible, but need the zigzag for the set-in sleeves.

I liked the way this top was constructed simply but neatly. The hems are narrower than I was used to, so you do have to concentrate on getting everything done neatly, but the result looks very nice.
I had a lot of trouble with the sleeves this time though…I’ve done set in sleeves before, but I felt the sleeves had too much ease in this pattern. I redid them a couple of times, even handsewing them together first and finally did get them done without puckers. Next time I’ll cut the sleeves a size smaller though.

I cut a size 2, which fits well, though I could probably have got a way with one size smaller as well.

I like the way it turned out, but it might be a tad too basic for me to wear a lot. Time will tell. I do wish I had chosen a lighter fabric with more drape, but again I’m hoping the cotton will soften with the wash. That seems to be my number one sewing lesson in 2012 – always to buy fabric more lightweight than I think I need.
I’ve got a lot of sewing projects in my head and just ordered fabric swatches and some patterns online, so I’m hoping to make much of my summer wardrobe myself this year. Like apparently everyone else in the blogosphere I’ve been sucked into watching Downton Abbey, so my sewing theme for 2012 will be modern with a vintage twist 🙂