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this is getting way out of hand

My fabric purchases of the last two weeks, national and international, cottons and voiles and linens… does it count as an excuse that at least some of it was on sale??
And in my defence I have to say that I have projects in mind for every one of these…and two three tops made already!

AND we have a couple of long weekends coming up plus a week of holiday soon.

AND they were just so pretty and they were begging to be made into clothing.

Where can I join the Anonymous Fabricaholics?

Never mind, I’m off to prewash!


city life

Street photography is one of the most fascinating fields in photography for me. Gritty, black and white city images always get me, and I don’t even like the city much! Even though I live in one of the biggest cities in Germany I am not too keen on a city lifestyle. I prefer the country.
I don’t often make a trip to the city center, because it inevitably makes me spend money I don’t have (as a compulsory online fabric buyer I spend too much as it is) and the whole athmosphere of ‘I know this dress is hideous, but it’s expensive Brand XY, so look at me and admire how rich and chic I am’ feels alien to me.
I went to do some window-shopping (aka market research) last week with the boss of the italian shoe company I work for and this was my shot of the day:

It almost looks like Paris, doesn’t it? I love the trees and their shadows and the girl in the middle, alone in a crowd.