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isn’t she a beauty?

Proudly presenting: my “new” old sewing machine! When my gran said I could have hers as my yellow 70s machine is broken right now I thought she meant an electric model from the 50s (which would have been awesome as well). But no, she meant this beauty:

She herself got it from her gran. I think it may date back to the 1930s or 40s but I really have no idea (EDIT: after hours of internet research I found out it dates back to 1929!!).
I’m so in love with it, I can’t stop looking at it! Sadly it comes without a manual or extra needles/bobbin/feet, but with the help of some lovely people on a german sewing board and some youtube videos I was able to figure out how to oil it, thread it and adjust tension and stitch length and…it works like a dream! I just really have to practise using the treadle.

It is in pristine condition and was obviously well cared for all its life. I know my gran probably hasn’t used it in 20 years but it was dusted and polished every week nevertheless 😉
Excuse me now, while I go drool over it some more.