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winter walk

Winter has returned but this time with lots of sun and minus the snow.

After enjoying the crisp air and sunshine, tea and cake seemed a good idea. I think I’ll do a food post soon.

I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, so there’s not a whole lot going on during the week except working and sleeping and eating. I think it’s a mixed result of days with little light and still coming to terms with last year and all the changes that happened. Though it is all good now I find it does take quite some time to work through all of that both mentally and physically. And my preferred way to rest has always been sleeping, so that is what I’ve been doing 🙂


lazy sunday morning

Sorry Melli, I never leave the house without my camera, not even for sunday morning breakfast at my mom’s 😉 Taking pictures is compulsory for me and you’ve got such pretty blue eyes…I couldn’t help myself!

Impromptu portrait sessions are the best! And in case anyone wants to know the data: indoor in front of window, ISO 1600, 50mm, f2.3.

spring is coming

but is is slow to arrive. Another beautiful, sunny day today and I have even found the first spring flowers of the year in my mother’s garden.

At the barn on the other hand (which lies a critical few 100 metres higher) everything is again covered in snow.
I have again spent the whole weekend sewing, making a spring dress for myself. I made it on my beloved vintage treadle (that baby rocks!!) except for the button holes and the inside seam finish with zig-zag stitch (I drove out to my mom’s house to use her Pfaff for that). It’s nearly completed, I’ll just have to sew on the buttons by hand tonight and then I’ll do a big dressmaking post 🙂

The cats have spent the day sleeping in the sunny spots on the floor and while I have no photos of that, here’s a recent one of Murphy in all his sweet, anxious little self.


Now if only he were just a tiny teensy bit as brave as a lion in real life and wouldn’t stress himself out over every unusual (and not so unusual) noise I’d be happy. Some days he even jumps at seeing his own shadow, no kidding.

My thesis is in the wrap-up stage. I figured out how to convert SPSS and text outputs to spreadsheets for Word using Excel today, saving me hours of copy and paste for the annex…I’m definitely too pleased with myself over that, lol.
My cats meanwhile tried to distract me by looking way too cute as always:

In case you can’t actually identify what’s on that picture, it’s my two cats deeply asleep on my legs (while I work with the notebook on my lap), so thoroughly entwined that you can’t make out where one ends and the other starts. And yes, they snore too.