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snow and horses

Ok, I’m strongly suspecting I’m boring y’all to death with snow and horses, but really, that’s all there is to my life these days! I can safely promise a little more diversity soon though, as I will be juggling hospital visits and business trips this week and won’t have much time for either snow or horses.
In the meantime, hope you still enjoy this:



has been a truly great year. My last year in college. I spent an amazing month in Canada, learning so much on so many levels. I learned to trust my pony more. I went camping with crazy cowboys. I spent 2 weeks in beautiful Italy with amazing friends. I found myself again in creativity. I worked hard on improving my photography.

New Year’s Resolutions:
:: embracing the changes that are to come
:: be more deserving of the great life I have and the wonderful family and friends (both national and international, both human and furry) that fill it
:: be more patient and less grumpy