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yet another wiksten tank

Sorry for the long silence folks! I’ve been so busy since coming back from Italy that I haven’t taken many personal photos, let alone edit them.
We got summer and sunshine for a whole week, finally a stop to all the rain and below 20Cs we’ve been having! Which means that I got to wear the latest Wiksten tank, made earlier in the year:

I found this lovely silk chiffon fabric months ago and had to try working with it. It was easier to sew with than I had expected! I absolutely have to wear a white top under it though, because it’s very sheer.

Grey isn’t really a color that suits me but I like to pair it with corals or reds to brighten it up (like this red H&M blazer).

I haven’t actually touched my sewing machine in weeks and weeks but I’m hoping to dust it off today after work to work with a nice bright summer fabric I picked up yesterday.
I won’t complain though, I love all the travelling I have been doing lately and look forward to all those weekend trips already planned! As always I just wish there were more hours in the day though, to make time for sewing and also more time for developing my business (as it is, I’m so busy with photoshoots and editing them that I haven’t found the time to work on my website or the print shop I really wish to set up).
But now, another day at the office and starting the weekend after that 🙂


wiksten tank with sleeves

I’m back from a 2-day trip to Belgium, where a friend and I spent a day at the beach and visited the beautiful city of Bruges.
I will have the pictures up in a big travel post soon, but first a little sewing to show off as promised (the first of a few posts, I hope to get the other stuff photographed this week).
I’ve been dabbling with quite a few patterns lately but I keep coming back to the Wiksten Tova and Tank Top patterns. The tank pattern especially fits me really well and is so simple and yet versatile. I decided to add cap sleeves to make it suitable to wear at work as well.

I did raise the neckline a bit (only 1/2″ I think). The fabric is a super soft cotton and psst, don’t tell anyone, but it’s a thrifted vintage bed sheet! I love the big plaids and the cheery colors but I am already planning to make at least two more of these tops in some solid voiles.

I know I keep repeating myself, but this pattern really is a joy to work with, it’s simple and quick, has super nice french seams and fits great without any adjustments. I predict many more tank tops to follow 🙂

wiksten tank top

After making the dress from this pattern a couple of weeks ago, I really wanted to try out the top version as well.

The fabric I decided upon and waited patiently to ship to me is from the Victoria and Albert Collection The Grand Tour and it was a real pleasure to work with. The grey fabric I made the dress out of was slippery and shifty but this quilting weight print was wonderful to sew with.

And finally it looks just as good on the inside as on the outside! I have to mention again how very well made Jenny’s (from Wiksten) patterns are, this top has all french seams and beautifully neat binding finishes at the collar and arms. Very important details for us serger-less crowd!

I love how the top looks simple but classy but is so versatile at the same time! It can be worn with virtually anything both in summer and with a shirt underneath in winter, tucked inside pants or left loose. I think the simple graphic print works nicely with my favourite canary yellow cardigan or boldly coloured scarves and other prints. We’ve been having an uncharacteristically hot spring so this was finished just in time!