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no news

Way to start a blog post, right?
Truth is, I feel like writing but there isn’t anything to tell.

We’re still apartment hunting.

It’s still wet and cool and rainy with a few rare bits of sunshine in between. It has been raining so incessantly that I haven’t been able to take photos of my sewing.

After so many days of it, it seems there’s no place for the water to go, the plants and ground just can’t take anymore of it.
So the moisture just hangs in the air like a fine mist, making everything damp and clammy.

Still, better than the heat wave most of the US has been having, for me at least.


patches of blue sky

The first in what feels like months.

The horses are feeling the change in the air too. We hadn’t been outside for weeks and the pony went eagerly. He was put out that I wouldn’t allow him just a tiny bit of galloping, but we were all a little too high on sunshine and fresh wind for that today.

playing with texture (freebie!)

I love adding texture to photos, but I try not to overdo it and often I have a lot of fun playing around with textures but still end up liking the picture best without it. I think the key is to choose the right one(s) and keep it subtle. I thought I’d share with you my pictures from yesterday with a very distinctive, very un-subtle texture to it.
I am still thoroughly enjoying Project 365. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and I took my camera with me to the barn. I wandered around a bit aimlessly and found these. Every creature was bathing in the sun on the first warm day of the year, horses on the paddocks with their eyes closed, cats on roofs and even these flowers were stretching and turning their heads towards the sun.

I use my own images for texture, mostly painted walls, cracked stone flooring, rusty surfaces…I am always on the lookout and constantly add to my texture folder. I found this on top of some barrels standing around (waiting for rodeo season):

Love this texture and want to use it? Leave a comment to let me know (make sure I’ve got your email address) and I’ll send it to you full size by email!
One more textured picture. To take this I pulled over on the way home, lots of space waiting for the horses to claim it for the summer:

horse shots

Since I’ve nothing new to show, something summery from the depths of my notebook.

For those wanting to know, we’re coping ok I think…my dad’s home for now but the next hospital stay is scheduled for the middle of february. I’m slowly becoming proficient in medical language. Also I’m thinking of moving work (thesis writing) over to his place for the time being. Too bad I can’t take the cats too, I badly need regular cuddle breaks for concentration as well as general well-being.