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Almost a year since I started working on it and now it’s done! I handed my thesis in on Monday and now I can just pray that there are no big flaws in it. I won’t know for about 3 months so I better stop worrying about it I guess.

It feels strange, being done with school and knowing you will never for the rest of your life do so much studying and learning by heart again…not that I’ll miss it!
It hasn’t really sunk in that I’m practically unemployed now until I find a job. Not that I’m bored…in fact I have so many things to do that I don’t even know where to start! And those don’t even include the big and necessary spring clean and packing up my school stuff.
I’m still waiting for the jubilant feeling to set in but maybe it will be the same as with all my exams…the longer I have been studying and working for them the less satisfying is a good result, at least that’s how it feels like for me (though my head knows it should be the other way around). Maybe because an A is after all just a mark on paper and in the end I just regret the days and weeks and months of my life wasted with forcing myself to work for it, when there are so many better, more colourful, more meaningful things to do.
God, I’m feeling philosophical today 😉 Finishing a chapter of your life does that to you I guess.
And reading back over that it sounds much gloomier than I intended…I really do feel happy now and maybe a sense of accomplishment will follow soon. I did after all finish climbing that mountain, the size of which I could not even guess at when I started out five years ago.

If I’d known its size I wouldn’t even have started out.



Now if only he were just a tiny teensy bit as brave as a lion in real life and wouldn’t stress himself out over every unusual (and not so unusual) noise I’d be happy. Some days he even jumps at seeing his own shadow, no kidding.

My thesis is in the wrap-up stage. I figured out how to convert SPSS and text outputs to spreadsheets for Word using Excel today, saving me hours of copy and paste for the annex…I’m definitely too pleased with myself over that, lol.
My cats meanwhile tried to distract me by looking way too cute as always:

In case you can’t actually identify what’s on that picture, it’s my two cats deeply asleep on my legs (while I work with the notebook on my lap), so thoroughly entwined that you can’t make out where one ends and the other starts. And yes, they snore too.