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lino print napkins

I realize I haven’t gotten around to posting christmas gifts yet! These aren’t very christmasy though, so I hope you’ll have fun looking at them in January instead of December as well.
In 2009 I gave away soaps and bath products, in 2010 I went a little wild with the lino printing.
Since we’re all about going green this year, I made cloth napkins with this tutorial and then printed on the napkins (tutorial for lino printing on fabric here).

I also made and printed these little Dala horse ornaments that can be hung on the tree or elsewhere.

No in progress pictures of the printing unfortunately, that got lost in the before-christmas frenzy.

There was a set of four napkins with hen prints and another with the doe print. This grammophone print is on thick paper for framing.

Making those cloth napkins is easy and fast and requires only basic sewing skills, I plan on making some for us as well, to substitute paper napkins. I think I might even sew them by hand if I find the time, handstitching would make these extra sweet and special.