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merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are all able to spend it with your loved ones!!
We spent christmas eve quietly at our parent’s. I took advantage of the available sewing machine for a couple of hours, we had great food and then discovered that “The Last Unicorn” was on TV. My brother and I LOVED that film so much when we were kids. Some classics never grow old *sniff*.

My mom also played us some piano yesterday.
She has always loved the piano but growing up in an orphanage and having to work from age 14 on she never really had a chance to learn how to play. Still, when she saw one she’d always sigh and say she wished she’d learned how to play it. My stepfather heard that one day and, her birthday coming up, went ahead and spontaneously bought a used piano so within hours of her saying that she had her piano! She has been taking lessons for a year now and practises every single day at it! She already plays really well, has advanced into the second book and her teacher, a young guy coming to the house once a week, is so impressed by her!
So there you go, it’s never too late to start doing something you love!

Off now to the boyfriend’s parents and more yummy food and some games!