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thrift store finds

The latest thrift store visit was a great success again.
My friend and I drove by two different stores and in the first one I got this green glass jar/vase, which I love. I filled it with collected shells and drift wood for lack of a better idea for now.
Our apartment at the moment is crowded and jumbled and mismatched but we’re dreaming of bigger and better things (and will continue dreaming for a while yet) and I definitely see this vase getting a nice place that shows off its beauty.

We got to the second store and I hit the jackpot 5 minutes in: A metal green singer 337 sewing machine. It looked like the sturdy steel/metal workhorse I have been looking for for a while, but let’s face it: At the asking price of 10€ (that’s right!) I would have taken it anyway. Isn’t she so pretty?

Turns out the shop even had a tailor look it over to see if it works all right! It came without the manual or extra feet and bobbins but I have been doing some research. It was manufactured in Scotland in 1965 and is indeed all metal parts (score!). I have been trying out all functions (that I could see) and it works perfectly! Looks like I finally got my zig-zag stitch that I have been missing and I plan on using both this baby and my beloved treadle equally 🙂

Once I’ve cleaned it up that is, because it doesn’t look like anyone’s ever bothered in the last 45 years. It sews beautifully even now, so it will be a dream to use once it’s all cleaned up!