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my italy #2

Find last year’s post on Italy here.
Last weekend I flew down to Italy again for four short days of visiting. My dad needed to go on business and I tagged along to visit my friends.
My Italy is

a warm welcome by friends both old and new.
baking summer heat, dry and salty.
swimming in turquoise water so warm it feels like silk on the skin
colorful, shady streets in the city centre.
a sweet baby boy, who I last saw when he was only a few weeks old and who has won my heart so completely that it was so hard to part from him, knowing he won’t remember me when I’ll see him next.

tiny village shops to buy the best goods in town.
waking in the middle of the night because it’s still basically too warm to sleep.
drinking copious amounts of Estathé, the taste of my childhood.

More photos and infos on Italy over on my photo blog.
I’ll just sit back and dream about sun and beaches and good food and speaking italian while trying to blend out the second cold and rainy summer in a row here in Germany. Back next year for sure.


baby visit

I’ve been away from this space for a couple of days and I hope to catch up with comments and blogs during the next couple of days.
But first of all, my reason for being away was that I went to Italy for the weekend to visit dear friends of ours and more specifically to meet the newest addition to their family, a beautiful baby boy.
Meet Andrea:

He’s only three and a half weeks old and has already become the centre of the whole family, his mom and dad, his grandparents, his aunt and uncle and his great-grandmother all dote on him.

It’s obvious that he himself isn’t really quite sure what to make of this world yet.

But he has a whole big family behind him to help him figure it out.