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red scout tee

scout tee. little home by hand blog.
I’ve been itching to get back to my sewing machine. Sewing seems to come in phases for me, sometimes I can’t get enough and have a hundred ideas playing ping pong in my head and sometimes I’m just frustrated with whatever I come up with.
This Scout tee was actually made months ago, but with a little collar that looked very cute in my head and decidedly less cute on the actual shirt.
sewing. little home by hand blog.
scout tee. little home by hand blog.
So it sat there, unloved, unworn for a while until I finally worked up the motivation to rip the collar out and finish it with bias tape. The fabric is a red voile, soft and nearly sheer.
scout tee. little home by hand blog.
scout tee. little home by hand blog.
A simple but versatile little tee that will hopefully see lots of wear this summer.

little folks zig-zag pillows

Inspired by this beautiful little pillow *here* I just had to copy the idea and make these little zig-zag pillows:

I had a lot (as far as patchwork goes) Little Folks fabric left over from making the Little Folks Quilt a while ago and this voile fabric is just so soooft and buttery, I had to use it for something.
This one is a bold color combination for me, but I think it works very well.

This one is closer to my original inspiration:

The backs are with contrasting Little Folks fabrics:

To make the zigzag I used *this tutorial* from ‘a quilt is nice’. Very straighforward and easy to follow!
I think I’ll have these on my balcony, it can use a little patchwork and color 🙂

little folks quilt

So this quilt has been finished a while and took forever to photograph. I tried to take pictures three times and they always sucked.
So these are the best you’ll get, sorry 😉

Made with Anna Maria Horner’s beautifully soft Voile Fabrics from the ‘Little Folks’ collection. I am forever spoilt for quilting cotton now…that voile is just so wonderful and soft, all of my future quilts will have to be made with voile.

The back is a nice blue cotton and the binding is my favourite purple Ikea fabric.

I quilted it roughly with embroidery floss and because I am continually broke I used what I had and the rows are all in different colors.