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As a big movie fan I have to put in these trailers from two new films I am very excited about: ‘Water for Elephants’, opening 14 April (such a long time to wait!) which looks absolutely magical in the trailer. It’s also a wonderful book, definitely a recommended read.

The second one is ‘The King’s Speech’ which has opened in the US already but we in Germany will have to wait for until February (not fair!). Colin Firth’s work is always superb.

With all the bland movies that are being put out all the time I hope these two will stand out both because of great character development and beautiful cinematography. All it takes to sell me on a movie is a good story beautifully told, but I haven’t seen anything that really convinced me for a good while. I’m always happy for suggestions on films I don’t know about however, so if you have a favourite to share, I’d love to hear about it! There are tons of films that never make it out of the US and us european folks never even hear about sadly.


circus elephant pillow

After all those photo posts at last a little sewing again! This little pillow was inspired by Sara Gruen’s great book ‘Water for Elephants’. The idea just popped into my head one day and I already had the little elephant stamp which I had carved out of lino. The scraps are mostly a selection of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line (my love for that collection will never die!) and are handstitched on a piece of white fabric with red embroidery floss.
The gold fabric is a satin-woven Ikea cotton, which I love to use for almost anything, because it’s so silky and I’m in love with that precise colour so much 🙂

The combination of gold and bright reds and purples feels totally ‘circussy’ to me!

It’s up now in the shop and I will probably make another one or two when I find the time. If they don’t sell I’ll just keep them all for myself 🙂
I’m also working on another Sunny Circles Pillow, which will also go to the shop in a couple of days (I know that one is a favourite among my friends so I thought I’d give heads up here…talk about lame excuses for shameless self-promoting!)
Wishing you all a day full of colour and sunshine 🙂