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scotland – first impressions

Whew, so many photos to sort through in this real summer heat we’re having here! I’ll be giving y’all a full account of where we went, what we did and how we liked (loved!) it, but for today there’s a preview on my other blog with the most beautiful landscape shots from our journey:

There’s also even more photos to be seen on my Facebook Page, so do head over there until I get myself (and my photos) sorted out for good. I can’t wait to tell you all about our vacation! And yes, there’ll be a video too in a while 🙂


Lisa & Jonas, Nika & Sunny

Some pictures from yesterdays shoot with Lisa and Jonas and their beautiful dogs, 12-year-old Sunny and 9 weeks old Weimaraner puppy Nika!

How anyone could abandon such an adorable puppy at 8 weeks in front of a supermarket is beyond me, but Nika hit the jackpot when Lisa and Jonas decided to take her home with them!

I can’t help but love the black and whites more (as always) but I am trying to throw enough colour in here too 🙂

Hope you like these, enjoy!