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this time last year

I was still in Canada, on a different farm, learning more than I ever imagined I would and loving every day of it.
Between learning to care for goats,

and alpacas

and chickens

I was lucky enough to take jumping lessons on this beautiful mare.

I should mention that I was sick when this picture was taken, so that’s why I’m wearing about 5 sweaters at once. I shouldn’t even have got on a horse that day, but it was my last day and I really wanted one good picture of me jumping to show off at the barn at home.

I wasn’t ready to go home and start working on my thesis…I just wanted to stay and learn more about those animals, and gardening, and soapmaking, and building stuff.


this time last year

I was in Canada, on my wwoofing adventure.

babysitting pregnant cows and mamma cows with their babies

having a blast

My life is changing so rapidly right now, the ‘this time last year’ posts might become a regular feature! By the way, this time 2, 3 and 4 years ago I was studying my ass off, so don’t be jealous 😉

Hi Rosalie, you know you were my favourite!