photo shoot by the creek

I am very lucky to have friends spontaneous enough to jump into a cold creek so I can take photos:

Sundays seem to be the days for impromptu photo shoots around here. I am loving the look of these, almost 1940ish to me. Isn’t she stunning?

My favourite, maybe my favourite image ever taken.

The light down at the creek was very tricky and I found myself wishing I had taken my Olympus OM2…film would probably have been better in dealing with it than digital.

This is almost an outtake, but one that I really love:

Thanks Dana, I really hope you didn’t catch cold and are fit for our next adventure, old school western camp next weekend 😉


12 thoughts on “photo shoot by the creek

  1. Lynda

    That reminds me of years ago when a friend of mine dressed me up in a 20s dress and took be downtown on First Street where she shot me in front of these beautiful old houses. She gave me her high heels to wear since I never wore (and still don’t) wear heels. My dad loved these pictures so much that he wanted several of them. Maybe they reminded him of Mom. I don’t know but they were interesting and I had so much fun. I’m usually behind the camera so it was a big change. I’ll have to dig those out and take a look. Love her red dress. Girl friend you are so good. I can’t tell you that enough.


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks RosaMaria 🙂 The light was tricky but it works well in black and white with the strong contrasts I think.


  2. Dana

    Hey 🙂 Thank you all! The pictures are very nice and it wasn’t much cold in the water. I’m not ill yet 😉
    Best wishes


    1. tidytipsy

      Don’t let her fool you, it was cold enough that I couldn’t stand in it with my bare feet while I was shooting because it would really hurt my feet 😉 But then again, I’m such a baby when it comes to cold 😉



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