pony shots and more news

The weather continues to change at a quite literally dizzying pace. 14°C and wind yesterday, 30°C today.

On the cool days it feels like fall is already here.

(trees reflected in a trough)
On the warm ones the air is stuffy with humidity and the rich smell of overripe elderberries. A last attempt at the summer we never got this year.

But on to the news! We finally found a great apartment and will be moving in November! I didn’t want to say till we signed the papers but now everything is settled. We really love the new place which will make leaving our pretty but small flat less bittersweet. It has a huge balcony which I’m looking forward to planning a garden for and is situated in a cute little village not too far from our respective work places (my commute will still be about an hour though, which I plan to use for reading and knitting). I’m still not looking forward to moving all our stuff and furniture and cats, but I guess that part of moving is never really fun. So while we wait to pack up we’re plunging into the fun part of moving: the planning and gathering inspiration and colors and, eventually, the shopping.


7 thoughts on “pony shots and more news

  1. tidytipsy

    Thank you all, yep, we are so happy and reliefed to have found the right place for us!
    Lauren, there will definitely be decorating pictures :))


  2. tidytipsy

    Sherrie, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts! The peek will have to wait a bit but get ready for some inspiration boards I’m putting together for every room :))
    Victoria, thanks! So do I, I’m glad we’ve got a few weeks to plan!



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