red button down skirt

Finally, some sewing again and it’s not even navy blue!
red skirt. tidytipsy
A bright red skirt which has been in the works for nearly two months! Phew. It’s based on the same pattern as the blue pencil skirt, but I wanted to add a button placket at the front.
I first procrastinated on actually drafting the pattern and when I finally did, I made many stupid mistakes…I redrafted and sewed the skirt up pretty quickly and it was looking really neat when I realized I had miscalculated the button placket and the skirt was now way too tight. So I ripped the placket out again and got creative in adding a new placket without having to redo the whole skirt (I was out of fabric for that anyway). Add a little time between each step to stew over it and get my motivation back up and you have two months of work on a simple skirt. At least now it fits!
red skirt. tidytipsy
It even has pretty buttons and button holes and is fully lined (don’t get me started on how many times I messed up the lining).
red skirt. tidytipsy
I think I’ve worked on it too long to determine if I like it. I’m sure some of you know that feeling. I’ll see how I feel about it in three months. That sounds depressing, I promise to be more upbeat in my next post 🙂
The necklace I’m wearing is by Native Clutter on Etsy btw.


18 thoughts on “red button down skirt

  1. awfully nice

    Kristina this looks great! You worked so hard – but I bet that is exactly what’s going to make you knowledgeable at patternmaking after learning from your mistakes. I need to be more brave like you! I’m always too afraid to veer away from pre-made patterns.


    1. Kristina

      Thanks Lauren 🙂 You know what? Everytime I’ve drafted something it never goes the way I plan it and at the end of it I promise myself to stick with pre-made patterns from now on to spare me all that work and frustration! But I can’t help myself I guess :))


  2. Stephanie

    Love the skirt! It’s such a beautiful color and fits you perfectly. I know what you mean though about working too long on something then being unsure. It’s fabulous. Wear it. I also love your blue skirt and blazer! Those are great pieces.

    Thanks for the link! That was really sweet of you. I’m glad you like your necklace!


  3. Lindsay Jewell

    I totally understand. I usually need to take a break from my projects once I’ve finished them to know how I really feel. But as for MY feelings on the skirt, I love it! I love the red, the buttons, the fit. It’s beautiful.



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