knit red baby vest

More baby gifts! You might recall this post on my Easter holiday where I mentioned we were all knitting like crazy and I had made a baby vest for my then newly pregnant friend. Fast forward nearly six months, the finished vest has been delivered to its tiny recipient and is ready to be shown off here.
knitted baby vest. tidytipsy
It’s knit from a german pattern magazine which one of us bought so I can’t even point you to the pattern. I didn’t have the required yarn anyway but got some lovely icelandic Lopi wool from one of the other knitters (check out the Lopi website, it has free patterns!). The Lopi wool was much thicker, so I guessimated the amount of stitches needed and generally not kept to the pattern very much. To be honest, I am completely surprised it came out looking like it should!
knitted baby vest. tidytipsy
Yummy thick yarn!
knitted baby vest. tidytipsy
I am secretely so very much in love with these cute elephant buttons.
knitted baby vest. tidytipsy
knitted baby vest. tidytipsy
Here’s hoping this keeps one tiny baby P very warm this winter!


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