one can only imagine

…what would happen in this country should we actually win the world cup! Minutes after Germany won the quarter finals match against Argentina we stepped outside, hearing the honking cars and this was happening in the sleepy little town we were staying in:

It was an impromptu party in the middle of the town, hundreds of cars honking, music playing and people partying in the streets. Now we Germans aren’t usually so exuberant, but it’s nice for a change 😉
Plus, the temperature finally dropped a good 10 degrees in the afternoon, so we’re feeling a lot better and I might actually get some sleep tonight.
My boyfriend and I must be the only people to hate this heat. In fact, this morning we didn’t go to the lake like we’d planned but spent 2 hours at Ikea (while waiting for my car to be fixed) because they had air conditioning 🙂


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