first snow

I’m days behind with posting, these are from early in the week.
I can’t even remember when we last had heavy snows in November. We usually don’t get “real” snow that stays on the ground until January.

It has stayed for the whole week and if the weather forcasts hold true will stay on for a good while. It sure looks like this winter will be a long one.


5 thoughts on “first snow

  1. tidytipsy

    Thanks guys 🙂
    It does look pretty nice, but only when you can afford being inside and don’t have stuff to do. I love snow when it’s sunshiny and nice but it has been very dark and overcast in the last few days. I tried to get through to the barn yesterday but had to turn around 10 minutes in, because the roads were just too slippery. There’s miles and miles of traffic jams everywhere and trains are not working or getting stuck or… you get the picture 😉
    Just not a lot of fun when you have to figure out how get to work.



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