this is getting way out of hand

My fabric purchases of the last two weeks, national and international, cottons and voiles and linens… does it count as an excuse that at least some of it was on sale??
And in my defence I have to say that I have projects in mind for every one of these…and two three tops made already!

AND we have a couple of long weekends coming up plus a week of holiday soon.

AND they were just so pretty and they were begging to be made into clothing.

Where can I join the Anonymous Fabricaholics?

Never mind, I’m off to prewash!


6 thoughts on “this is getting way out of hand

  1. tidytipsy

    Thanks everyone!

    Lynda, I definitely have, it’s just getting a lot worse now that I have a good job and don’t have to worry so much about every dollar I spend…

    Sarah, thanks, I’ll have such fun sewing with them! I had planned to have a sewing weekend but came down with a nasty cold 2 days ago, so I haven’t been able to to much yet 😦

    KKH, sewing machines are my favourite thrift store finds, maybe you’ll come across one for a good price 😉

    RosaMaria, I like the blue ones best as well. Though I know the warmer colors suit my skin better I am always drawn to the blues. They will be mainly tops and skirts 🙂



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