on the needles

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. I knit through summer as well, but in fall I really get the urge to get out the needles whenever there is a bit of spare time.
I started rewatching all seasons of Gilmore Girls in the evening, knitting away at the same time.

In my knitting basket right now: this lovely lovely Madeline Tosh sock yarn (in colorways ‘dusk’ and ‘vanilla bean’), waiting to be wound and started as soon as I can decide which color I want to do first, and a local handspun yarn which will be a scarf.

I’ve been looking for wooden needle boxes and found two identically painted ones for circular and straight needles in my favorite thrift store a while ago. I love the bright red, I smile every time I look at them (and they are very handy of course, no missing needles anymore).
And finally, I’ve been making dishcloths for the new apartment.

I’m using organic cotton yarn for these and the simplest pattern I could find. I love no-brainer knitting, the kind that is almost meditative, where your hands start working away at their own pace undisturbed by counting and checking and thinking.
Incidentally that’s what I love about sock knitting, plenty of no-brainer handiwork, but just enough challenge in the heel and toe to keep me interested.


17 thoughts on “on the needles

  1. Lynda

    Kristina, What wonderful colors! Those potholders are great. My aunt used to make those so we always had them around the house. I have a few I’ve never used that I’ve put away. Great memories of her. Thanks. Did you find a new place? Hope I didn’t miss that post!


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Lynda! We did find a new place, I wrote it somewhere but it didn’t get its own post 😉 We’ll be moving in early November, fingers crossed everything goes smoothly with painting the walls and putting down laminate flooring first.


  2. Sophie

    I just stumbled across your lovely blog via Pinterest (great sorbetto dress!) and the photo of the needle box made me smile. My German grandmother had exactly the same and gave it to me together with all her equipment a while ago. My partner could not believe that such a word as ‘Rundstricknadelbox’ exists…


    1. tidytipsy

      Thanks Sophie, that is funny that you have the exact same box. They must have been part of a bigger series 🙂 And yep, we do have some very long weird words in german :))


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  4. Kali.

    Such a great job. I love the yarn you’re using,. beautiful. So rustic and organic. I just don’t have the time or patience but I’m sure finishing the project makes it all worth while. Finishing something sure does feel good!. Thanks for sharing your talent!


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