the last of winter and some socks

knitting socks. little home by hand

Finally finished and what gratifying little project a pair of socks is! Easy to take up whenever there is time and need for some mindless stockinette (there is always need for mindless stockinette) and you get a highly wearable everday item out of it.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh in the colour ‘dusk’. My love affair with Madeline Tosh started years ago and it is still my all-time favourite sock yarn.

knitting socks. little home by hand

I see all those lovely sock patterns about but I confess I have never knit socks from a pattern. Having learned to knit socks at age 12 or 13 my socks are always plain stockinette, made to fit by trying them on in between and gauging the right time to start the heel or the toe. No counting, no need to remember anything. Mindless knitting at its best.

Knitting is meditative, I’ve written about it often enough but if you trust numbers more have a look at this survey on how knitting helps fight depression. Right now I’m working on a Henny hat, one of Liesl’s gorgeous patterns. Check out her lovely new shop!

I cannot imagine a more perfect winter evening than sitting by a stove and knitting accompanied to the sounds of crackling wood. Sigh. Still working on the wood stove part, getting my fix digitally until then right here (fire with a touch of thunder is perfect!).

beautiful winter scenes. little home by handbeautiful winter scenes. little home by handbeautiful winter scenes. little home by hand

Speaking of winter evenings – we have had terrible weather for the last few days and I haven’t been able to go hiking once in the past few weeks! Cold, stormy and rainy, winter is really reluctant to give up this year. I kind of adore the colors in this weather though and did manage some outdoor time with the pony on Sunday. What’s a little drizzle in a good rain coat, right?

I’ve been quite busy recently with photoshoots and trying to catch up on blogging them. Check out this maternity session with an adorable couple (seriously, they were so much fun) and some more photoshoots on my photo blog.

There’s been some sewing and some spring gardening going which I’m looking forward to sharing soon. What have you been doing? Still deep in the cozy winter quietness or already up and busy preparing for the warmer season?

beautiful winter scenes. little home by hand


5 thoughts on “the last of winter and some socks

  1. Lindsay

    Love the color of those socks. I have the same tendency toward plain stockinette socks, despite the abundance of amazing patterns out there. I just enjoy the simplicity I guess.


  2. Chloe

    Mmm, knitting by a wood fire does sound enticing! I’ve been knitting in front of the tv, unfortunately. And spring has finally come around in Toronto, though I think it will be a cold one, so I should get some wear out of the resulting wool t-shirt this season, which would be nice. Looking forward to planting, though, which will definitely have to wait a while!


    1. Kristina Post author

      Wool T-Shirt sounds lovely! Well, I am usually knitting in front of the computer, so not much better 😉


  3. LaVagabonde

    Your photos are gorgeous. I love the neutral shades of the late winter woods. Interesting about the socks, how knitting them is meditative and “mindless”. I’ve been thinking of trying to learn how to knit, so they might be a good thing to start with.



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