beauty tip of the day

I seem to be allergic to some components in lotions…whatever face creams I have tried out, after a time I get zits from all of them.
So I read somewhere you could just use plain jojoba oil and tried that out. The result is amazing! Never ever since I was twelve or so has my skin been so great!
This is how I do it: I moisten my face with water, then use a little (not an awful lot!) of jojoba oil on a pad and dab it on.
face care
I’ll have to see if the water/oil combination is really moisturizing enough for my dry skin in winter, but for now it works like a dream.


3 thoughts on “beauty tip of the day

  1. Lynda

    Thanks for this tip. I also heard that rice bran oil is also good for the face. At this point I’ve kind of given up on making face creams so I’ll try this. Thanks.


    1. tidytipsy

      I hadn’t heard about rice bran oil. I actually went back to using creams for winter now because just oils and no water isn’t enough moisture for my skin in the cold weather.
      I’ll take it up in summer again though.
      Why did you give up on making face creams? That is one of the things on my neverending ‘want-to-learn’ list. I even bought some ingredients but I just haven’t found the time to research a really easy beginners recipe yet 🙂


  2. Lynda

    The creams/lotions I’ve made are fine for body, but way too greasy for my face. I’m past the age of zits, but still don’t want to add all of that grease to my face. I’ve found a few recipes but haven’t had the time to work on them yet. I want my own version of Burts Bees light day lotion but with some anti-aging ingredients and SPF since I’m out in the sun alot in the summer. I also want to add preservatives since I don’t want to worry about bacteria or keeping them in the refrig!



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