the pretty pretty thing…a vintage locket

Ok, so I promised a post on the one other thing I bought at the flea market and here it is. It was the first thing I saw that day, in the very first row. I didn’t buy it right away, cause I thought it would be ridiculous to spend all my money on the very first pretty thing I laid eyes on. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the time and was just dying to get back to it the whole time! It’s a beautiful vintage silver locket:

It opens to reveal pictures or notes. I added a photo of my boyfriend on the right and a collage of my mom and dad and my two cats on the left (it’s a little hard to see).

I’m in love with it and wear it whenever I leave the house (which sadly is not too often, since I work from home most of the time).


4 thoughts on “the pretty pretty thing…a vintage locket

  1. bambooska

    Oh, that’s so sweet. You know what it reminded me of? Have you seen that movie with Tom Hanks where he get stranded on an island? He has one of those with a picture of his beloved girl from way back then. It’s cute.


    1. tidytipsy

      Oh, yes that was Cast Away! I didn’t remember that before. That’s what he holds on to all that time and what motivates him to survive. I’ve always loved those lockets and I already had one, but it was just plastic, while this one is silver and so much more elegant :))



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